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control the cholesterol. now as david curly explains the manufacturer of the generic drug has stopped production. >>reporter: the company produces these pills taken in the country has shut down all production. the problem? they captain figure out how small glass particle the size of grain of sand have gotten into the generic pills. the contamination has not led to any patient problems but consumer are being told to return the pills and get another brand. generic are popular because of the price. name brand liptor cost 4.72 a
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pill. this pill is just 3.85. but this is just the latest manufacturing problem for them. earlier this year the u.s. government for bid the company from importing 30 drugs from some of the facilities in indi india. because of bad record keeping. they won't say where these pills are made. the fda says it can't comment and whether they violated the rules. >> the company has real difficulty with quality control not in 1 or couple facility but in many facilities. >>reporter: even though this is the largest maker of generic liptor there are enough other manufacturer to make up for any shortages. this is abc news, washington. >> let's go back and talk about the storm coming in. sandy is in for spencer tonight. this is a doozy. >> it is going to be indeed da dan. it's already starting to intensify. rainfall in santa rosa check out the winds over the higher terrain gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. even 60
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miles per hour wind gust writ now at the lower elevation we now at the lower elevation we are let's check out live doppler 7 let's check out live doppler 7 hd. becoming active. we havew
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32 miles an hour out of the south east. heavy rain and strong winds for the morning strong winds for the morning rush hour. rain continues on all this moisture will only do intensify the rainfall here in the bay area so we get dumped on here. 11:00 p.m. tonight the front is approaching the north bay and we'll start to see the rainfall picking up. at 4 a.m. heaviest rain orange and yellow still centered in the north bay. notice the slow moving nature of the storm. at 6:00 a.m. it's barely pressing south and east. that's where we will see some gusty winds continuing. potential for thunder 8:00 a.m. you can see it here. still going in the east bay. south bay. and we will likely see 38 at local
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airport especially around sfo so keep it in mind. 10:00 a.m. still dumping rain. noon time start to see the rain letting up behind the cold front and then you will continue to see periods of rain. friday. saturday. really it's saturday afternoon that we get another dose of moderate heavy rain here. just a quick one. but then the third storm gets in here late saturday night. going into sunday morning and this one looks nasty. 3:00 a.m. you can still see here heavy rain in the north bay. sunday morning. thunderstorm potential strong gusty winds with the storm as well and at this point we look at flooding concerns. 1:00 p.m. down to the south bay. east bay sunday and then behind the front we sea rapid clearing. all right. rainfall total this is impressive. we are talking almost a foot of rain in the north bay mountains up until 1:00 p.m. sunday. 4 to the 8 inches in the north bay. up to 8 inches in the santa cruz mountains. peninsula 3 to 6 inches. 2 and a half to 5 in the east bay and 2 to 4 inches
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in the south bay. you can bet there will be some wind with this wind advisory going. gust up to 70 miles an hour you can see the areas with the wind advisory. could see down power lines in trees. this covers the areas that are highlighted until 7:00 a.m. for the north basement 11:00 a.m. for the rest of the renal. we also have a flash flood watch right on through the weekend. these are the areas small streams may overflow the banks. we have high surf advisory running until saturday at 4 a.m. waves couple. current wave height going up as high as 19 feet. so tomorrow afternoon stormiest weather east bay temperatures in the upper 50's to the mid 60's and here's a lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's wet. it's windy. thunder potential. right on through sunday mornin morning. it's a rough ride. after that break on monday we need it dan. tuesday more rain heading into wednesday at this point. >> like you said a rough ride. >> absolutely. >> thank you sandy more in a little while. >> this is good remind they are coming storm that we should all
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be prepared for this kind of weather any natural disaster for that matter. california emergency management agency is encouraging us tv emergency kit stocked with things lick battery operated radio and flashlight with extra battery. 3 day supply of food and water for every member of the family and manual can opener. guidelines for stocking emergency kit and developing plan for your family in an emergency are posted on our web site. check it out when you can. good important information there. >> as we continue, water war in the central valley. >> there's enough water for everybody but not for everybody greed. >>reporter: coming up next. historic step to restoring the san joaquin river. 7 news at 9 [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪
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52 feel pwlibing global warming polar ice sheet in green land antarctica melting three times faster than they did in the 1990's. green land in particular the is of concern. the melt rate there has grown from about 55 billion tons a year in the 1990's to almost 2 90 billion tons a year right now. dramatic change. >> mean time despite the planet heat nasa scientist say there's plenty of ice on mercury. space agency mercury orbiting probe messenger has found ice at the planet north and south pole. scientist say it's at least one and a half feet deep and possibly as much as 65 feet deep. that is despite the fact that the size of mercury facing the sun is a amazingly hot. 700 -- 4 30 degrees celsius at the equator. it's closest to the sun as you know. back on our planet in the central valley near merced scientist and environmentalist work to go save what they describe as national treasure.
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restoration of the san joaquin river is a story we have been reporting on for years. yesterday abc 7 news mark matthews went along to witness historic milestone. >>reporter: scientist with the california department of fish and game on a rescue mission. they are trapping chinook salmon in this part of the river near merced in an effort to restore the fish to river that is being brought back to life. >> this is an important milestone in the san joaquin river restoration program. >>reporter: executive director of the river conservation trust explains this is part of a decade long effort to restore the san what you kin river which used to be the home waters for chinook salmon. old timeers who grew up on the river say the spring salmon runs were something to see. >> you could run across the back and not touch the water. >>reporter: walt is talking about gravel ford. this is that part of the san joaquin now. dried up. been like this for most of the past 60 years. ever since the dam was built in
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the 1940's. to pwloung the san joaquin and to divert the river water into channels to irrigate central valley farms from bakersfield to chowchilla. the fish just not that big a consideration. but in 1988 the salmon caught a break. natural resource defense council led coalition of environmentalist fishermen in a lawsuit against the government run dam and the water district and in 2006 they reached a settlement. now these first salmon are being trucked around the dray bed and other obstacle 160 miles upstream to be reintroduced into the river below the dam because by next spring n rdc scientist believe the last of the details will be sorted out. >> when we have these in place we'll have the river all year round in perpetuity that's really exciting. >>reporter: california fish and game hopes these fall run salmon will spawn and produce off spring but just to make
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sure they are scooping egg from some of the female and artificially spawning them. young raised in protected pen below the dam and then release released. >> hopefully get out to the ocean mature come back and spawn in approximately three years. >>reporter: by then the san joaquin river should be restored from fresno to san francisco bay. growers who relied on the water to irrigate the crops are not happy about the fish. walt has heard plenty from his neighbors. >> they are telling me to good back to san francisco. i'm a farmer here raised born and raised here in the valley. >>reporter: he supports restoration of the river and will recharge the underground aquifer and bring back california salmon fishery. >> ocean farmers and there's land farmers and we can co-exist. there's enough water for everybody but not for everybody's greed. that's the problem. greed. >>reporter: walt talks of xro miss and after years of fighting that's what we are seeing on the san joaquin rive river. just as another water war heating up. over the governor plan to build a delta
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tunnel to ship northern california water south. in the newsroom, 7 news. >> united nation boost the status of the palestinian government. [applause] coming up next. today historic vote at the un. what does that really mean? >> dramatic picture out of florida. why a bus in scp happy blown up in steady. >> lesson from a photograph. that's the picture. the police officer and the man with no shoes. find out what happens. very touching. >> major american city makes >> major american city makes news for its look of crime.
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>> good evening once again. at
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the united nation as big defeat for the u.s. and for israel. over their 2 veto the general assembly passed a rest logs bringing palestinian state closer to life. at least diplomatically. here's karen. >> voting has been completed. >>reporter: more than two-thirds the of the general assembly voted to recognize a palestinian state prompting applause at the united nations. in gaza. west bank. it also generated hug in the unfurling of palestinian flag in the un chamber. got very little reaction from the israeli delegation. they granted palestinian non-member non-voting observer status at the un. >> quantityed nations general assembly they issue a birth certificate of the reality of the state of palestine. >>reporter: the move was a bitter diplomatic defeat for israel. >> today the palestinian are turning their back on peace.
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the only way to achieve peace is to agreement that are reached by the parties and not through the un resolution that completely ignore israel vital security and national interest. >>reporter: the united states also opposed the vote saying it short circuits negotiations towards the 2 state. >> palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives have changed. save that the prospect of durable peace have only receded. >>reporter: approving the palestinian observer status is an international endorsement for stabbing a palestinian state in the west bank, gaza strip and east jerusalem. territory captured by israel in the 1967 mid east war. this is abc news washington. >> and also in washington. what might be the ultimate power lunch at the white house. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney at the what it house today to have lunch with the president. talk was
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private. everyone wondering if they would agree to work together on america impending fiscal crisis. don't count on. that president obama did not ask romney to broker a deal. the 2 simply agreed to keep in touch. >> first for new york city. this monday was the first day that anyone can remember when there was no violent crime york city. for 24 hours. there was not a single report of a person being shot. stabbed. or subjected to violence of any kind. kments as city is on target to have the lowest murder rate since 1960. police attribute it to putting officers in specific 80's known for crime. >> on the subject of new york finest. one officer is certainly living up to that title. dan harris on a viral photograph of policeman and man who had no shoes. >> new york city police officer on frigid november night in times square bending down to give a homeless and shoeless man a pair of brand new boots. this scene would have gone unnoticed except jennifer
9:35 pm
foster a tourist just happened to be there. >> i heard him quite clearly say i have these size 12 all weather boots for you. let's take care of you. >>reporter: she snapped the picture and sent it to the nyp nypd. department posted it to facebook two days ago and tonight it has almost two million views. 400,000 likes and more than 28,000 comments. also passed around the globe from romaine why to russia to china. and today the officer himself came forward. he is lawrence premium 0unfailingly polite 25-year-old who still lives with his mom and dad. >> where your sox or shoes i never had a pair of shoes it's okay officer. god bless you i gnaw i needed to help him. >>reporter: when you presented him with the boot what was his reaction. >> he couldn't believe it. this is too much officer. god bless you and be safe and everything and like i said it was almost like he just gave million dollars. >>reporter: the officer doesn't know anything about the
9:36 pm
man he helped or what has become of him but he keeps the receipt for the 75 dollars he spent on the boots in his bullet paragraph vest. rae minder for all of us about the pervasiveness of need and the potential for compassion. dan harris abc news new york. >> nice story. >> just ahead. if you don't win the massive power ball jack pot, the 3 reasons? that's okay. following the crowd. 7 on your side michael on how social your side michael on how social media brings a woman new
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>> rather than being taken to a scrap yard an old bus in florida was blown up. it was all part of a training exercise for csi technician and palm beach county. they were told
9:40 pm
terrorist hijacked a bus and they were to figure out what happened. drill even included fake corpses. >> well traditional fundraising usually involves something like a bake sale maybe auction you have probably been involved with those with your kid. social media opened up vast new arena where anyone can raise money for any goal. it's called crowd funding. michael explains how it works. >> michelle mingle with the horses that roam free on this sonoma county farm. >> hi sweet pea. >>reporter: doesn't want to ride just to walk among them. >> can i can come up and say hi. >>reporter: farm run by the flag foundation which connects human was horses for therapy v vl. it has provided michelle new strength in the grueling fight against stage 4 colon cancer. this is a big part of it. horse is blind. looking for his name and michelle,
9:41 pm
michelle is lacking for something too. >> when you are here you are completely transported. there's no disease. there's no unhappiness. >>reporter: michelle has chemotherapy. then also trying this therapy. natural medicine and nutrition supplement. her insurance doesn't cover those treatments. but this advertis advertise. michelle friend start add campaign on the crowd funding mr. form and michelle is a miracle. raised 20,000 dollars in a couple of weeks. much of it came from folk she doesn't even know. her friends reached out to their friends on facebook. and the circle kept growing. >> you would never think that a click of button would do this but really every single dollar that has been contributed to me it's like someone's heart saying i will you to be healed. >>reporter: this is a growing field that lets average citizens raise money for a range of pursuit everything from buying school supplies to
9:42 pm
rebuilding a neighborhood after a hurricane. 8-year-old marin girl raised 55,000 dollars on this to fight slavery of little girls over seas. this little boys with www. a lung disease raised 19,000 dollars to buy games for children at massachusetts hospital. last month i reported about sunny side elementary school in san francisco. which has raised 1 13,000 dollars so far to make up a 40,000 dollar budget short fall and avoid losing a classroom teacher. >> doing grit. if we didn't expect to get this far so quickly. >>reporter: the school used a different fundraising platform called go fund me. there are other sites, too. kick starter help artist and inventor launch their their project. indigo go is a site for global fundraising. >> i can go state to the need. fund specific need. get playground built. >>reporter: david is ceo of fund licensing and said michelle inspired donors to
9:43 pm
help save her life. >> it is like a gift. it has been -- it it indescribable in words. >>reporter: as the horse searches blindly for the mate. >> that was very good. thank you. >>reporter: an inspiration, too. you can sympathy your own crowd funding campaign for the web site typically take 5 percent of the do naichlingts i post a link to all the sites i mentioned in the report. you will find them on our web site. 7 on your side. >> all right stay here with us. california decides to get in on the game that is sweeping the nation. up next. when you the nation. up next. when you can start playing p
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>> now to modest the very lucky
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dog. low sleeps in the barn at night to protect the owner landscaping equipment but when fire broke out before dawn mow was in keep trouble. as general explains one of the arriving firefighters just happened to be a big dog lover. >> the dog. >>reporter: passing driver awakeen tim to tell him that his barn was on fire. all chandler could think of at that point was his dog mow tied up on a dog run inside the burning barn. >> heat from the fire just blew me backwards. and i couldn't get any closer than maybe 20 feet, 30 feet from the barn. the heat was so bad. >>reporter: the arriving crew from the substance law consolidated fire district included captain les porter who dove under the burning boat and struggled with the latch to free mow from the dog run. >> and the firefighters made it a priority one of the firefighters come over there and put hose on top of him and then another one knelt down in the middle of the flames and got him out. >> a little burn on the foot right here on the back foot.
9:48 pm
but otherwise i don't know how he survived. >>reporter: later tim chandler said it was remarkable how captain porter treated mow like he was a person. we tracked down les porter off duty at his ranch in oak dale. turns out he's got 3 dogs of his own. he tells us he likes dogs more than some people. lucky for mow. >> how cute is mow. george reporting. >> let's go back and update the weather forecast. strong storm moving in. sandy is tracking it for us. >> right behind you you saw the live camera pwoungs around winds picking up. leif doppler right now own radar on mount saint helena. picking up heavy rain around santa rosa, millbrae avenue down to street level we go even out to the napa area we get light rainfall right now first street jefferson street. spotty showers across the rest of the bay year. brisbane, san bruno. san mateo, san francisco, heading out to alameda and san leandro. here is what we are
9:49 pm
concerned about. significant rain as we hit the weekend. russian river near hop land. flood stage 21 feet. currently at four feet. expected to exceed flood stage as we go towards the weekend. over 24 feet at that point. russian river at guerneville expected to get close to flood stage 32 fe at flood stage. expected to crest at this 30 feet currently just over 6 feet. winter storm warning for the sierra nevada could see 2 to 3 feet of snow before 8500 feet. this is going until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. carry the chains if you brave the weather. accu-weather 7 day forecast it's going to be messy for the morning commute. that's when the strongest part of the wind rain possibly thunder get in hear then the third system will bring heavy rain wind possibly thunder sunday morning. >> okay thanks very much. >> well california is now a player in power ball. state lottery commission voted unanimously today to start the game next april. this decision comes rate on the heel of last night 5 87 million dollar power
9:50 pm
ball jackpot drawing. 2 wing tickets were sold. one in dearborn, missouri the other in fountain hills, arizona. the the there will be a news conference to announce the missouri winner tomorrow apparently. the winners could take the a lump sum payment of about 192 million dollars each before taxes. so if you don't have the winning power ball numbers, no problem. here are 3 residence why it may good that you didn't win the lotter lottery. lotto winners may more likely to file for bankruptcy particularly in year 3 to 5 after winning the jack pot. winning the jackpot won't make you any happier. happiness is linked to long-term personal income because it's earned therefore considered legitimate. financially you don't throw your money away on losing tickets. remember the odd of winning the jackpot are more than 1 in 175 million dollars. i'm reminded of johnny consider son old line money doesn't buy happiness. >> true. >> sure can lease it for
9:51 pm
awhile. >> i would be willing to assume the risk of 192 million dollars and just. >> see how it guess. >> be a human study for sneevrn your one ticket away my friend. >> i would really miss you. >> oh, sure. >> watch you every night but i'll miss you. disappointed and dejebingtd with good reason. smith talks with good reason. smith talks about the move with his
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. problems across the bay high winds move in and heavy rain expected overnight. we have live team coverage. >> plus the company making money off breast cancer but critic say it's really just fooling people into thinking it will help fate the disease. those stories and more for you coming at 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. sports direct tr larry here with all the sports. you will talk about alec smit smith. >> weird situation with the warriors. general manager been myers apologiesed tonight for really what has turned in a controversy over andrew injured ankle. he had surgery in the
9:55 pm
spring. not a minor clean up as the team described it. marries says he was not trying to mislead the fans who are now really from us stated because he's on the shelf. tonight the warriors hosting denver. curry and lee. lack at them. warriors came out on fire. thompson up and in. up early. lawson knifing to the hoop. might have been offensive inference. warriors up by 5 after one. second quarter. nugget on a run but then lae finds curry who pump fake and ties it up at 47. warriors out scored in the second quarter 3 35-21. lawson. no. reed, yes down 9 at the half. lee at one point 10 shots in a row as warriors make a comeback. in the fourth corner 3 thompson bottom rate now warriors leading with 4 minute to left 94-93 coming down to the wire at oracle. collin will start for the 49 they are sunday in
9:56 pm
st. louis. alec smith not happy about. that today smith spoke about being repoliceed despite the fact that he smith leads the league completing 70% of the passes. smith has been a good soldier through a lot of difficult take place with the niners over the course of the past 8 years. after leading the team to the championship remember even caddie for harbaugh at pebble beach now watching the collin show. clearly frustrated. >> because i feel in lake something special going on her here. sacrifice invest so much time lake i said really feel like haven't con anything beside gate concussion. you kind of state your case with the play. i have con that. sensitive stuff. >>reporter: raiders streak 13 straight televised home games will come to an end this sunday. not enough tickets sold for the 1:00 o'clock kick off against cleveland. that means the game blacked out locally no tv. >> lane backer in limbo bo-expectation is that the rai raiders will cut him but hasn't
9:57 pm
happened yet. mclane all over social media yesterday saying the raiders had waved him and looking forward to what he described quote as joining a real team. omar starts in mclane's place. today the coach spoke about that situation. >> not coming to practice today. there's going to be consequences to the his actions and it's a team related issue. i don't want to get that the dils of it but we asked him not to come to practice today. >>reporter: drew breeze and the saints lack to go keep the play off hopes alive in atlanta. falcons came in at 10 and 1. tony 38 years old still making great play. 17 yard touch down. atlanta up 14 nothing. breeze had thrown touch down pass in record 54 straight games. lance moore drops one right there and then many breeze playing catch with defense. william moore picked off. under pressure. this goes to l eli and more again here going deep for the
9:58 pm
acrobatic enter sption. he was intercepted 5 times. mr. got the last one. falcons win 2 23-13. 11 and 1. saints drop to 5 and 7. big mr. inform the my off hopes. stanford beat ucla last saturday net in the rose bowl. reward facing the very same squad tomorrow night at stanford in the pack 12 championship at stake but trip to the rose bowl on january 1st. say this is unusual would be a mild under statement where you play the same team twice in a row in the span of 6 days. challenge for the coach make sure your guy's don't go in over confident big concern for establish ford and they have to be wondering also if the bruins maybe held something back last week. >> started by the coaches just to make sure that our guys put that last game behind them and we prepare like this is a new opponent and we don't have to scp our game plan but there are things we didn't do well that we want to do better. things we did well we want to do better always.
9:59 pm
>> cal receiver allen tweeted today he made his decision but did not reveal it. allen a junior one of the best receiv receiveers in the country 61 catches this year. 6 touch downs. a lock to be first in the drchlt he will be turning pro. louisville and rutgers headed to orange bowl late in the third quarter. down 14-3. their quarterbacunder pressure. shum bell it off to wrichlt into the end zone. cut the lead to 14-10. fumble the kick off. playing with broken left wrist. he throws right. beautiful pass to the parker. louisville up. down 3. gary has been picked off by floyd diving pick and that end it. 20-17 to earn the spot in the bowl game. san jose quaert ache -- earthquake star named soccer mvp today. win the award and he led the league

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